About Me


My name is Paddy.  At the moment I work in banking. Whilst I discover more about sustainable high performance I have decided to document my journey in a real time blog.

In order to fully understand how to live a life with sustainable high performance I have started trying out various biohacking principles.

This is primarily focused on the food we eat  – nutrition is extremely powerful, especially when combined with exercise and meditation.

My other loves are house music and reading… anything from philosophy and science… I have an uncontrollable curiosity.

My Mission

My mission is to help others achieve sustainable high performance and vitality through healthier life choices, especially their diet.

My first collaboration has been with Roberta Style Lee and together we’ve produced a High Performance 7 Day Meal Plan…which includes a variety of meals and ingredients I have used over the last few months of my experiments – click here to find out more about the 7-Day Plan