Biohacker Summit Review: Mindful Cyborgs, mushroom coffee and biohacking your genitals. Part 2.

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In part 1 I gave an overview of the Biohacker Summit, in part 2 I go through some of my key take aways.

  1. There are four key neurotransmitters and you can optimise them for performance. Dopamine is responsible for mental drive. Serotonin for mood. Gaba for relaxation and restive sleep. Acetylcholine for mental processing power. Ultimately, the only 2 things that make you feel good in the universe are dopamine and serotonin! Natural Stacks, a US supplements company, produce supplements to optimise dopamine, serotonin and gaba. I tried their Dopamine Brain Food stack and can attest that this puts the foot on the gas pedal for drive! Source: Optimizing Neurotransmitters for Cognitive Health and Performance – Ryan Munsey (USA).8395106908_b885f46933_m

    Serotonin. Credit: Xavier Béjar

  2. We were literally born to be in ketosis. As regular readers will know, ketosis is a state where fat is burned for energy. At birth, humans are the fattest land mammals with 15% body fat (chimps, a close relative have 3%). This fat acts as a huge battery for brain growth and at birth 90% of the Basal Metabolic Rate is based on fats. Breast milk contains 20% ketone bodies. Source: Upgrade Yourself: Be Smarter, Sharper and Healthier – Max Lugavere (USA).
  3. How to biohack anything. It’s about monitoring the input into a system, measuring the output and then repeating with a tweaked input until you get the desired output. Source: Opening Remarks: Better Living Through Science, Technology & Nature – Hannes Sjoblad (SWE) & Teemu Arina (FIN)
  4. Mushroom coffee provides a great little energy boost. Four Sigmatic produce a coffee with chaga mushrooms and cordyceps. This is a handy instant drink whilst travelling.
  5. Big data, little wisdom. We’re overwhelmed by the amount of data we’re hit with and there’s not enough wisdom to interpret it. However, you can hack your devices to shield yourself from all this data. One example is to remove the numbers from Facebook that tempt you to mindlessly click on posts.  Source: Timeless: How I learned to Time Travel – Chris Dancy, the Mindful Cyborg (USA)
  6. Menfolk, go commando for more testosterone. Man plums (testes) optimally produce testosterone (and sperm) at a temperature lower than body temperature – hence why the testicles hang outside the body. Wearing briefs or boxers heats the plums to outside of the optimal temperatures. Also, the conventional way of sitting also heats the testes to outside the optimal range and also prevents fluid movement through lymph networks. A beneficial alternative is the Salli saddle chair. Source: Biohacking Your Genital Area for Longevity and Health – Veli-Jussi Jalkanen (FIN)home13-1024x256.png
  7. One ring to rule them all. The ŌURA Ring, a super little wearable, measures sleep quality to within 90% of the gold standard. It can let you know how ready you are, each day, for high stress work or high intensity exercise. I ended up getting one so watch this space for a review. Source: Biohacking Physical Exercise – Biohacker’s Handbook Authors (FIN) Dr. Olli Sovijärvi, Teemu Arina, Jaakko Halmetojaimg_4090-2.jpg
  8. Exercise your grip. Grip strength is a good measure of longevity. Gripping weights tightly (e.g. deadlift) increases the force you apply to lifting. Source: Biohacking Physical Exercise – Biohacker’s Handbook Authors (FIN) Dr. Olli Sovijärvi, Teemu Arina, Jaakko Halmetoja

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