Fat burning mode part 2: hacking ketosis

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In the previous in this series we reviewed how ketosis offers more benefits than just fat loss. Ketosis can lead to healthy cholesterol levels, improved brain health and stable energy levels. However, unless you know how- getting into ketosis can be difficult.

Getting into ketosis isn’t straight forward

Due to the carb heavy western diet, getting into ketosis is a state the general population rarely enter into. Eating a high amount of carbs tells the body ‘there’s plenty of sugar going, no need to burn fat – let’s keep that stored for when we need it’. But cutting the carbs itself is not enough. Eating too much protein can prevent the body entering ketosis as this spikes insulin and tells the body not to burn ketones. So if you’re eating much less carbs and less protein you have to eat much more fat. However, the controversies and confusions around fats can still be off putting to people to go high fat even after there’s good science to support dietary fat intake1. Social norms are hard to overcome.

Even if you’re eating high fat and low carb, it can still take awhile to get get the body comfortable with ketosis. It takes time for the up-regulation of the genes2 and enzymes needed for converting fats to ketones3.

Hacking ketosis

Luckily, there are some ways to ‘hack’ the state of ketosis:

  • Fasting – once the body runs out of glycogen the body then turns to the fat stores.
  • Exercise can stimulate ketosis, particularly High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Although best to combine this with diet.
  • Taking exogeneous ketones such as ketogenic fats such as Bulletproof® Brain Octane® and ketone salts can get you into ketosis.

Check for the next in the series where we explore how to determine when you’re in ketosis and how deeply.

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