Why I eat clean

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Eating badly is a strong reminder to eat clean

Just came back from an awesome long weekend of snowboarding. Eating anything remotely clean went out the window however. There were fries, wienerschnitzls and dodgy kebabs. Washed down with beer, shots and dodgy coffee. The downside of all this: I did not feel strong this week at work (or outside of it for that matter). Barely got through emails, had the focus of an infant in meetings and felt like I needed bed at 2pm. There were a couple of evenings where I slept 9 hours and still felt tired- usually 6-7 hours does the job. I won’t go into the details on the state of my gut.

On the ski trip, no potato was safe

It wasn’t until this weekend that I felt fighting fit again. Getting back on the Bulletproof Diet™, exercising and getting good sleep quality got me there.

Many people ask why I eat clean if I don’t need to lose weight. It suggests that they’re unaware of the benefits outside of weight loss.

Nutrition as an input to the ‘factory’ of you

For factories to be effective, efficient and consistent they need the right fuels, resources and tools. They need robust supplies of these to avoid bottlenecks.

Applying this analogy to myself as a factory, nutrition is the fuel and resources. Having the right fuel helps the engines to run effectively. Having the wrong fuel causes them to clog up and smoke out, and even more fuel and downtime is required for the repair.

Great nutrition helps you smash it out of the park

Eating right is much more than weight management. I eat clean for the following benefits:

  • Clarity of mind and focus. The opposite of food coma.
  • Consistent and sustainable energy levels. More fuel to do more fun things.
  • To remove the distraction of hunger.
  • To get into the flow state.
  • It tastes good.
  • It makes me feel good.
  • For a healthy longevity.

I could go on…

Thanks for reading.


What’s your experience eating clean and eating badly? Please leave me a comment below.

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