The 6 reasons fats have a bad reputation – part 1


Fats – misunderstood and undervalued

I’ve written before about how I eat high fat to improve performance and productivity. There’s a lot of good science supporting a diet high in healthy fats- but, yet fats have a bad reputation. In this 2 part series we will look through the 6 reasons why that has been the case.

 6 reasons why fats get a bad rep

Reason 1: the ‘eat more fat, get fatter’ myth. Fat is made of, erm, fat. Thus it’s intuitive to think that to lose fat you must eat less fat – and that eating more fat will make you fat. Carbohydrates and macronutrient ratio play an important role in weight management.

Reason 2: some fats really are bad. Some types of fats really are bad and should either be avoided (trans fats) or minimised (inflammatory omega 6s). The type of fat you eat matters.

Good fats to eat Source
Omega 3 Salmon
Mono-unsaturated fats Olive oil, avocados
Saturated fats Butter from grass-fed cows, coconut oil


Unless you’ve read into nutrition, it can be hard to know which fats to go for and which to steer clear from.

Reason 3: the calories in, calories out myth. Fat per gram has more than twice the amount of calories than that of either carbohydrates or proteins. So, if using the calories in – calories out model for weight management, it would make sense to cut fat. You would cut more calories by sacrificing less servings or grams of food. The problem with this model is it doesn’t take into account the nutritional value of fats and the effects on hormones and satiety.

Come back next week where we look at how bad science, the media and the food industry has played a role for why fat gets a bad reputation.


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