Are you eating for energy and performance? Part 2


In part 1 of this 3 part blog I introduced the Bulletproof DietTM and what led me to try it out. In this part we dig deeper into how the diet works and how I adapted it to my lifestyle over a 5 week period.


As mentioned previously the diet is essentially an upgraded version of the paleo diet. It essentially consists of being high in good fats (50-70%), a moderate amount of protein, loads of vegetables and a limited amount of starch. A roadmap of the diet outlines what foodstuffs are on a spectrum  from being Bulletproof® (nutrient rich and enhancing, e.g. omega 3 fats, healthy vegetables) to kyptonite (anti-nutrient foodstuffs that at best make sluggish and at worst make you ill e.g. sugar, gluten). The roadmap has a big focus on whole, organic foods. The meat should be grass fed and the fish wild and non-farmed. The roadmap can be downloaded from here:

The diet works by promoting fat burning through a process of cyclo-ketogenesis and having meals that satiate but still maintain energy levels. The high fat, moderate protein and low carb approach helps promote a healthy hormonal balance (ups testosterone, reduces insulin sensitivity, manages satiety hormones and reduces inflammation). In this diet, a calorie is not a calorie and you have to differentiate between your good and bad fats. Carbs are not to be totally eliminated – you still need to eat a minimum in order to avoid dry eyes, dry skin and low testosterone production.

My approach to the Bulletproof DietTM

I started off slowly and refined as I went. I didn’t keep to the roadmap 100% throughout the experiment – more on that later. I didn’t try all the supplements and didn’t get the cooking methodologies down pat – getting everything absolutely Bulletproof® is a challenge, but the recommendation is you test, see what’s Bulletproof® and what’s kryptonite for you.

The first thing I tried was Bulletproof® Coffee. This was made blending together:

  • Bulletproof® UpgradedTM coffee – made mould free.
  • Bulletproof® XCTTM oil – this contains the shortest medium chain triglycerides, an instant source of fat energy for the mind. I started off blending 1 tsp and eventually upped it to 2 tbsp. Going all out early can blow your mind as well as your erm, digestive system.
  • Kerrygold unsalted butter – this is recommended as it comes from grass-fed cows and as a result is made up of healthy fats.

The coffee is uber-smooth with no bitterness. It bestows an alertness, clean energy levels and pretty much removed food cravings for the 6-7 hours until lunch. It’s kind of addictive. I’m someone who gets massive latte cravings and would need to have a large latte at least once a week following a week of abstaining through black americanos. But since being on Bulletproof® Coffee, those cravings have gone (and have been replaced by cravings for Bulletproof® coffee).

An example day on the Bulletproof DietTM

  • Breakfast (5am-6am): Bulletproof® coffee.
  • Lunch: 6-7 hours later I would have a salad- mixed salad leaves, beetroot, olives, broccoli, roasted red pepper, salmon, avocado, olive oil and lemon, S+P.
  • Exercise shakes: protein powder, branch chain amino acids, banana and almond milk.
  • Dinner (7-9pm): loads of vegetables (examples broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, asparagus, brussel sprouts), fats (Kerrygold, Bulletproof® XCTTM oil), organic steak (200-250g). For carbs, have sweet potatoes or brown basmati rice. Flavours: lots of herbs and salt, sometimes garlic. One of the things that made all this delicious was the blending of the vegetables with the fats and flavourings. It give me a respect for brussel sprouts (the only time I ever ate these was at Christmas, and that’s when they had a level of glazing higher than Dunkin’ Donuts).
  • Snacks throughout the day: 100% cocoa chocolate from Montezuma or a handful of nuts
  • Beverages: water, black tea or coffee with out milk. Green tea with tumeric and ginger.
  • Supplements: krill oil, vitamin D, magnesium, 5-HTP.

The verdict

A lot of what I did didn’t keep 100% to the Bulletproof® end of the roadmap, there’s several things I allowed for which are considered more on the kryptonite end of the Bulletproof® scale. Even then I felt massive benefit. Come back to part 3 where I summarise the benefits.

In the mean time… keep hustling


I’d love to hear your thoughts – please leave me a comment below.

If you are interested in trying out a FREE 7-day meal plan you can grab a copy of that here. Just add your details and we’ll get that over to you. 

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