Are you eating for energy and performance? Part 1


Over the course of a series of 3 blogs you’ll be introduced to the innovative Bulletproof DietTM, what it is, why I’ve experimented with it, how it has boosted my energy and performance levels and why it led me to enrol in the Bulletproof® coaching program to become a Bulletproof Coach-in-Training.

I wasn’t always so into health and fitness- during my 20s I partied excessively, smoked, drank, had a sh!t diet and the only exercise was raving. This coupled with a sedentary work life lead me to fall out of shape – I had low energy levels, panic attacks and lack of focus in my work life. This lead me to take a serious look at nutrition, exercise and meditation. I’ve experimented with paleo and low carb diets; played around with kettle-bells and weight lifting programs; tried marathon running. And just recently I’ve been experimented with the Bulletproof DietTM.

Enter the Bulletproof DietTM

The Bulletproof DietTM is the brainchild of tech entrepreneur and biohacker Dave Asprey. In his 20s, Dave Asprey was a multimillionaire with an obesity problem – he weighed 300 pounds and tried exhaustively to loose weight. He tried numerous strategies: from restricting calories, exercising 6 times a week for 90 minutes, trying numerous diets and eventually spending more that $300k in biohacking to finally arrive at the Bulletproof DietTM – a program that he says will help you lose a pound a day, reclaim your energy and focus and upgrade your life. Part of the diet involves drinking the infamous Bulletproof® Coffee – upgraded coffee drank with butter and Bulletproof® Brain Octane® oils. Essentially the diet is an upgraded version of the paleo – high fat, moderated protein, some starch and a focus on whole foods with some supplementation. We’ll get into the detail of how the diet works in part 2.

I first came across Bulletproof® Coffee from an article in the Telepgraph. To friends and colleagues adding butter to coffee seemed like an odd thing to do. Being a reader of Tim Ferriss I was aware of the benefit on testosterone from eating grass-fed butter. Without reviewing the detail of how the coffee was made, I hastily experimented with stirring butter into instant coffee and didn’t find any strong benefits. Fast forward a couple of years and I had found out that I was doing this completely wrong.

One night in May 2016, I went to a meet up featuring Dave Asprey was the guest speaker. There was something surreal about seeing him in the flesh. It wasn’t just that he looked insanely healthy – he had an aura of vitality. I struck up a conversation on the Bulletproof DietTM with one of the Bulletproof devotees, a plumber in his mid-30s. Again this chap had an appearance and aura of rude health. He explained to me where I had been going wrong with my previous experiments with the coffee. Seeing the vitality of the Bulletproof devotees made me think there was something to this diet. I decided to give the Bulletproof DietTM a proper go, starting with proper Bulletproof® Coffee.

Read part 2 for the details of my 5 week experiment with the Bulletproof DietTM.

In the mean time… keep hustling


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